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Nanjing SUGAO Patent and Trademark Firm, formerly known as Nanjing University Patent Firm, the first patent agency approved by the State in 1985, which was renamed Sugao in 2001 according to the requirements of the State. It is a comprehensive intellectual property agency approved by the China intellectual property Administration and registered by the Industrial and Commercial administrative department. Headquartered in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties with beautiful scenery, Sugao has more than ten branches and offices in Suzhou, Changshu, Wuxi, Yangzhou and Zhenjiang.

Since Sugao establishment, it has adhered to the practice core idea of quality and trust and the service concept of striving for the greatest benefit for customers through careful and professional service, committing to provide comprehensive, professional, high-quality and pragmatic intellectual property services for clients.

Equipped with solid knowledge, proficient skills, high efficiency and excellent service, Sugao has consistently taken the leading position within IP industry. Our service covers patent and trademark application, patent invalidation, intellectual property infringement litigation, patent analysis, high value patent cultivation, intellectual property training, application of high-tech enterprise, intellectual property standards implementation, enterprise intellectual property custody, copyright registration, registration of layout design of integrated circuits and other business fields.

Sugao has a professional team of over 110 experienced patent attorneys , patent engineers, trademark attorneys, project attorneys and lawyers, with strong sense of responsibility, high professional level , complete specialty and strong years. Over 70% of our professionals hold master or doctor degrees, while some others have overseas educational background or used to work at the National intellectual property Administration as senior examiners. We also have many distinguished lecturers of China Patent Attorneys Association, leading intellectual property talents in Jiangsu Province, who professional background covers a wide range of technical fields such as machinery, electronics, computer science, chemicals, biology and pharmaceuticals.

Focused on the purpose of the implementation of intellectual property strategy and technology strategy, Sugao established the patent analysis center in 2014, dedicating to providing professional and high-quality patent analysis, patent layout and other intellectual property services. At present, it is the national intellectual property analysis service model establishment, the patent information talent project of China Intellectual Property Administration, the Jiangsu Provincial High value Patent cultivation Center, the enterprise intellectual property strategy promotion plan, the intellectual property demonstration park, the intellectual property custody, patent navigation and other high-quality service institutions, at the same time, it is the free operation right analysis(FTO) service agency designated by Sinopec Group and other units.

Since launching international business in 2010, Sugao has accumulated a lot of experience in foreign patent application and protection. It can provide global patent layout and planning for customers according to their research and development situation, market situation and competitors' situation, provide intellectual property protection advice for customers to participate in international exhibitions, and provide help and channels for customers to protect their rights overseas, which has been affirmed by domestic and foreign customers. Sugao has established a good cooperative relationship with many foreign firms, and can provide customers with intellectual property agency services worldwide.

There are more than several hundred intellectual property infringement cases and patent invalidation cases represented by Sugao, some of which have a great social impact. For example, the patent infringement case between Jiangyin Jinling Hardware Products Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Dongfang Movement General Factory was rated as one of the top ten typical cases of the Supreme People's court, and was selected into 100 intellectual property cases affecting China (isbn978-7-80247-489-5 / d.787) edited by Tian Lipu, former director of the State Intellectual Property Office; The case of Wuxi Guowei Ceramic Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., Jiang Guoping and Changshu Linzhi Electric Heating Device Co., Ltd., SUNING.COMCO.,LTD. were selected as the top ten intellectual property cases of the Supreme People's Court in 2018; The design patent infringement dispute between Jincheng Group and Biagio Co., Ltd. has successfully recovered the inestimable economic loss for the patentee.

Sugao has always attached great importance to personnel training and team building. It has planned to introduce talents who are multi-faceted and multi-level and love intellectual property business and has invested a lot of energy and financial resources in planned professional comprehensive training. Sugao also pays special attention to the construction and improvement of rules and regulations and management system, adheres to professional discipline and professional ethics, always pays attention to the requirements of customers, establishes a customer service center, provides customers with accurate and customized services, continuously strengthens the integrity and strictness of business processes, and constantly pursues the service process quality and creates a high-quality service brand.

Sugao was recognized as a famous trademark of Jiangsu Province in 2015; In 2016 it was selected Four-star patent agency (currently the highest level); The establishment of Jiangsu Mubai Law Firm in 2017; In 2018, it was awarded as the national intellectual property service brand cultivation institution and the national intellectual property analysis service demonstration institution; From 2017 to 2020, it has been named the top 100 institutions of science and technology service industry in Jiangsu Province for many years; From 2013 to 2017,62 invention patents were awarded the title of 100 excellent invention patents in Jiangsu Province (the service organization with the largest total number of such titles).

Innovation is the first driving force leading development, and the protection of intellectual property rights is the protection of innovation. China is changing from a big country of introducing intellectual property rights to a big country of creating intellectual property rights, and the work of intellectual property rights is changing from the pursuit of quantity to the improvement of quality. Sugao will, as always, carry forward the pioneering spirit of unity, seek truth and pragmatism, build Sugao into a first-class modern intellectual property service organization, become a leader in the industry, and make greater contributions to China's implementation of the new development concept, construction of a new development pattern, and promotion of high-quality development.



Room 1912, Longtai International Building, 198 Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China

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